Monday, May 25, 2009

Hidden garden

A gorgeous garden in Rogers Park.

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Sophie said...

Hello! This is an editorial question for blog writer "EKL":

I'm Sophie Walker, and I have an editorial question about a list on your blog, Yeah, This Is Really Chicago.

On this page, I see that you list some excellent online media resources in columns to the right of the page. We’d be honored if you would consider for inclusion in this list titled “Links”. Our site is an excellent place for the Chicago/Indiana public to express themselves through radio, podcasts, and an active blog. Our contributors are largely young people who are becoming familiar with radio and web technology, and have something to express to the Chicago public.

We work with budding radio geeks-- comedians, story tellers, artists, critics and commentators-- to build one coherent production around certain themes, from a variety of media, including video, recorded telephone calls, audio productions, music, and interviews.

This raw footage is put together into radio shows that broadcast 24-7 to the public on 89.5 FM in Chicago and Indiana. Please take a look at our site! brings the voice of the public back to the public, in hopes that these conversations will make us all better citizens.

One writer for Chicago's Daily Herald has stated that contributers to Vocalo "could be the leaders of local radio's evolution and perhaps a facelift for the next generation of public radio listeners". We strive to bring public radio to segments of the population that have not engaged with it much in the past.

Would you be willing to take a look at and include a link to it on the above webpage as you feel is merited?

If you have questions, please email me. Thank you for your consideration. Please send me a reply. This is not spam. I am a real person, and I look forward to hearing back from you!